Generally, dreams are of mystic nature. Scientifically no proper explanation can be given for the cause and origin of dreams. However, the psychologists think the unfulfilled desires transform into fanciful dreams; they originate from the mind itself.

I always get sound and undisturbed sleep. That is why I do not usually dream. Some days back I had a very pleasant dream I remember it vividly even today. I was walking on a sea-shore. The sun was setting. He glowed like a red-fir ball. All of sudden the darkness enveloped everything and nothing was visible. I stood motionless on the shore. A brilliant beam of light fell on the ground by my side. A basket –like object came along with the beam and landed there. Two persons came out of it.

They greeted me in a language which was unfamiliar to me. But, surprisingly, I found myself answering with them in their languages. I asked them where they came from. They replied they came from the planet Mars. When asked how they travelled, they showed me the basket-like object and explained that it travels on light energy. They asked me whether I would like to visit their planet. When I expressed my willingness, they told me to enter the basket.

As soon as I entered, it started moving in a fantastic speed. In a short span of time the vehicle came to a halt at some place akin to earth. But, to my surprise, a very different setup was observed on that alien planet. The flowers, fruits and leaves of the trees were different from that of earth. The whole place was filled with a sort of diffused light. Everything there including gardens and wild forests was all symmetrical. The beings that met me and talked to me were friendly. Some other beings that were moving here and there around us did not show any interest iin me. I did not know whether they saw me or not.

But I could not see any changes in their facial expression. None of them were hostile. I asked whether I could eat the fruits. They gladly agreed. I plucked some fruits and tasted them.  They were very sweet and delicious. I drank water from a lake nearby. It was like nectar. The fragrance of the flower was far superior to those earthly flowers.

I felt immense satisfaction and pleasure. I liked the place very much and never wanted to leave it. No sooner did I think in such a fusion than I was hurled down with a great force to earth. I opened my eyes and, to my surprise, I found myself on the bed in my room.

It was a pleasant dream I ha which remember even today.