It was immediately after Diwali vacation that our School celebrated Annual Day. Prize distribution is the most fascinating part of the Day. Sports had already taken place before Dussehra. Boys and girls – the winners came to school with their groups all in bright clothes. It seemed it was a festive occasion in the family – the family of our school. Girls won’t go even to a marriage ceremony in such gay clothes.

Although the ceremony had to take place at five in the evening the rumblings started a day earlier. The school building all decorated with balloons buntings and festoons looked like a bride. As our school doesn’t have a big hall a big shamiyana was erected on the lawn. The whole shamiyana was decorated. The stage too was decorated with multicolored sheets. Hundreds of small and big prize pieces were arranged on a very long table just on the right side of the chairs for the V.I.P. guests on the stage.

The audience consisted not only of teachers, boys and girls but parents too, parents of the prize winners. Exact at five Education Minister who was our Chief Guest arrived with the President of the School. He was ceremoniously taken to the central Chair on the stage. Others were occupied by other V.I.Ps, some important office bearers and the Principal. School Union President, of course, was there.

The ceremony began with a song worshipping goddess Saraswati. Immediately after it the Chief Guest was introduced with a few words praising him. The first prize was given to the sports Champion – a silver shield. As he came, shook hands with Chief Guest, the camera clicked twice. Next came the girl champion. Then there were medals for teams, other sports persons. Last came those who had won prizes in debates and dramas. Those who stood first in their classes were also awarded bright medals together with books. All posed for the camera.

The function ended with speech of the Chief Guest who spoke for ten minutes only. Union President thanked the Chief Guest and all others. The ceremony ended with the National anthem.