Indian railways are one of the biggest railways running a large number of train so its tracks. To run the train on the track properly day and night, thousands of railway employees work round the clock vigilantly. Even though, accident due to reasons including human error resulting in the loss of human and huge amount of property.

An unforgettable accident took place on 26th January, 1990 near Agra Cantonment station. When people were sleeping comfortably in the sleeping coaches at a small hour of that fateful day, a loud voice woke up many. Several bogies were derailed. Hundreds of persons were thrown out of their seats, suitcases and other luggage fell on them injuring many. Electricity failed and there was darkness everywhere. Nothing could be seen. Passengers were unaware of the real state of the situation. There was a heavy rush inside the compartment t come out of it. Finally it was known that there was a head collision between Southern Express and a goods train.

The engine f the Southern Express rammed into the engine of good trains. Three front bogies of the express had run into one another and were smashed. Many of the passengers in those carriages were either killed on the spot or seriously injured. Those who came out of the other compartments were aghast too witness such a pathetic scene. Blood was sprawling in the compartments, and cut off such a ghastly sight was shocking. Cries for help that penetrated the winter mist were miserable and pitiable.

In such a thick fog of early dawn hours, the signaler allowed both the trains on the small railway track. The visibility was poor and the drivers of the both trains blundered as well. The result of these mistakes was the drastic and fateful collision. The relief party arrived soon. The work of removing dead bodies and providing medical help etc. to the injured started immediately. The dead bodies from the smashed bogies were removed.  The survived men, women and children were taken in military trucks for treatment; the severely wounded were taken to military hospital. The rescue work was done by volunteer organization hand in hand with government and military personnel. Some antisocial elements picked up the goods of the dead and injured before police took charge of the situation. Family members of the passengers also came to the accident site to recognize their kith and kin. Men, women, and children were seen weeping, crying and sobbing at the site.

The driver of the express train died on the spot whereas the driver of the goods train was badly injured. The first three carriages were totally smashed; two other carriages were overturned and the rest of the bogies derailed. Those who lost their near and dear wept bitterly. The heart rendering and piercing cries were unbearable.