A VISIT TO A ZOO: Essay Writing


My joy knew no bounds when our class teacher announced that our class would be going to the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo next Saturday. I was very excited and waited eagerly for the great day.

On Saturday, we all assembled in our school at 8.30 a.m. On reaching the zoo, our class teacher purchased the entry tickets and we all descended the big steps leading to the park. The teachers asked us to stand in a line. First of all we went near the bird enclosure. We saw all sorts of beautiful birds – African parrots, peacocks, pigeons, skylarks, nightingale, hawks and eagles. Wooden name plates, fixed on the cages introduced the birds to the visitors.

We then saw the water birds and water animals. I was frightened to see the huge hippopotamus but enjoyed watching the crocodile feeding her young ones.

The friendly seals, ducks, cranes, kingfishers were a beautiful sight. The swans looked beautiful and swam gracefully in the pool.

Next, we saw the tigers, panthers and leopards and really enjoyed the sight of the white lions. We also saw some other wild animals like the wolves, hyenas, bears and wild boars. There was a red bear from Japan. We had never seen some of these wild animals before. The rhino with its horn, on the nose, looked ugly and dreadful.

We were now tired. We sat under a tree and enjoyed our lunch. Next the teacher took us to the cages where other wild animals were kept There was a big rush of children in front of the cages of the monkeys and baboons. The monkeys enjoyed the nuts offered to them. The chimpanzees, gorillas and the baboons were also shown to us by our teacher. The ostrich, the zebra, the kangaroo and some of the species of the deer were a special attraction for us. The reptiles were kept in a glass cage. There were cobras, snakes, vipers, serpents and pythons.

We enjoyed ourselves to our heart’s content in the zoo. In the evening, we were so tired that all of us were almost asleep in the bus.