The idea of holding an exhibition is not new to us. In olden days Meena Bazars were organized by kings and emperors to promote handicrafts in the country. In India exhibitions on a small scale were common feature of village fairs and religious festivals. The first exhibition on large scale was held in London in1851.

Recently an industrial exhibition was held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. A large area was enclosed with high barbed-wire and big gates were put up. The entrance was tastefully decorated. Inside the enclosure many stalls were set up to accommodate exhibits of different kinds. The entry to the exhibition was regulated by tickets each costing five rupees.

During the first week there was a great rush of visitors. In the beginning of the second week, with a friend, I went to see the exhibition. We bought tickets and then entered the enclosure. There was a great hustle and bustle. Men, women and children were loitering on.

The exhibits were arranged in section in three big stalls. One section continued specimen’s f handicrafts and another contained pottery and crockery. The third section contained toys and fancy goods. The fourth section contained clothes of beautiful designs and patterns. Their delicacy of texture and fineness of finish astonished us. The fifth section contained electric goods. The sixth section contained hosiery goods. The seventh section contained sewing machines. The eighth section contained agricultural implements, medicines, hand-woven fabrics and artificial flowers and fruits.

Besides, there was a model of atomic reactor in the nuclear section. The guide explained to us very nicely the functioning of the nuclear reactor. They also explained to us India’s nuclear explosion at Pokharan in Rajasthan. We were all of one opinion that India has really progressed by leaps and bounds. We also visited the art gallery. It contained painting by eminent artist. They looked life like. Certain paintings of landscape were very beautiful.

Last of all, we visited the amuse park. It was crowded with visitors. We saw circus and magic lantern shows. We returned home at 10 p.m. On our way back we praised the splendid feats performed by circus men.

Exhibition costs the nation a lot but the advantages are many. The progress of the nation satisfies her citizens and critics. It is useful for knowledge in technical know-how and education. It provides business opportunities to many. People can also see cultural, scientific and technical development there.