Situated about 90 kilometers to south of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, Kanyakumari is the cape of unspeakable scenic beauty. The twenty minutes in the open streamer from the main land to the Vivekananda Rocks itself is a romantic experience. Sea waves lashing against and crossing over the big boat symbolize the patriotic gush of the philosophy of the saint striking against and placing an umbrella over the physical existence of the visitors. The streamer stops a few steps on the rubble path a few steps on the stairs and we were face to face with the status of Swamiji. It was a dream realized. Peace and piety reigned all around. There was no choice but to sit in meditation till there was a call to   go back to the main land in the last trip. It was dusk. We were in time to be at the confluence of the three seas. The yellowish water of the Bat of Bengal mixed with the greenish water of the Arabian Sea to form the sky blue Indian Ocean. Hundreds of men, women and children came out of the holy temple of Kanyakumari to see the immoral scene a heavenly scene that flashes over the mind’s screen every now and then.