Last year in December, the great Gemini Circus came to Kochi. They pitched their tent in the Durbar Hall ground. The authorities of the company announced their arrival by putting up banners throughout Kochi. As I had never been to any circus before, my father decided to take me to see it.

We reached the ground by 6.00 p.m. The big tent was beautifully decorated and the music attracted the visitors who crowded the book­ing counters. Luckily, we had bought the tickets in advance. Therefore, we hurriedly entered the tent. A few clowns were sitting in the arena and entertaining the people. The band was playing some famous tunes. At 6.30 p.m. the show started and all the artists introduced them­selves by marching around the arena.

First of all, few smartly dressed girls and boys came. They were acrobats. They showed us their breathtaking feats on the trapeze and then came the gymnasts who performed some wonderful feats.

After this, four horses galloped in. They were followed by four riders who jumped on to the backs of the galloping horses and then came the weight lifters. They picked up as much as 200 kg of weight with a great ease. An elephant stood on one man. The motor cyclist showed his tricks. There was an absolute silence in the tent, during his performance. A few birds also showed some tricks in the ring. We enjoyed every item of the circus and returned home thrilled.