A ZOO: Short Essay Writing


Zoo is an artificial home for different types of animals, birds and reptiles. It is a big area fenced by wire, trenches and other hindrances so that animals cannot run away or causes any damage to the visitors. Normally there are different sections for different types of animals.

Amongst the common animals, where are deer, monkeys, langurs, zebras, zirafs, wild buffaloes etc. They run graze or move in enclaves or jump on trees. All these are liked by the children.

Wild animals consist of Royal Bengal Tiger, white tiger, lion, panther, hyena, wild boar, black tiger, jaguar etc. All these are in their special cells. Normally they are at a distance from the viewers.

Reptiles section has numerous types of snakes. Snakes are both poisonous and non-poisonous. Pythons are of very big size. Most of the snakes are in “glass cage”. They are fully visible but cannot do any harm to any one as they are in the glass cage.

In a pond there are a few crocodiles and gharials. They are ferocious looking and ferocious in nature. Children have no liking for these animals.

The most attractive section for the children is the bird area. Hundreds of birds of different types and sizes live in this “huge area”. A long wire not covers all these birds. Some birds are kept in net boxes like parrots, owe, pigeon, partridge, magpie etc. In this area, there are is a part covered by water and a part is dry.