AIR POLLUTION: Essay Writing Topics


It is the true face of the world was changed by the industrial revolution in the 19th century. No doubt, industry has brought more benefit to mankind. But it was accompanied by problems such as pollution. Pollution has now become one of the major problems to which immediate solution is required.

The air filled with poisonous gases deteriorates the health of man. He gradually becomes the bearer of diseases. It is the people who live in urban areas suffer much from pollution. It does not mean that rural areas are free from the menace.

According to a research conducted recently, it has been learned that pollution of air can bring about changes in weather conditions and cooling of the earth’s atmosphere. It is calculated that 800 million tons of small particles of dust are thrown up in to the atmosphere. This forms a thick dust blanket. It is capable of keeping off the sun rays.

A part of the ozone layer, which checks the harmful rays of sun reaching the earth, is now destroyed due to air pollution. No satisfactory measures could have been taken to find a drastic solution to it.

The danger is of greater magnitude in urban centres where industries have grown in large numbers. Today world’s most important cities are filled with tones of pollutant such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and various other compounds from various sources. Affecting the diseases like asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer etc. are the result.

Now the air waits main threads from nuclear explosions. Even the air in Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the atom bomb was dropped are not yet safe. They are harmful to human life.

Then we can imagine the danger of another nuclear bomb one million times as that dropped in Japan.

Now another treat is there. It is the installation of towers in connection with mobile phone service. Such towers make radiation.

Not only in great cities but in rural areas too, the pure drinking water and such amenities are not meant for the common man.

Lack of oxygen in the air has been reported from many parts of the country. The net result will be far more dangerous. Man will have to depend on oxygen parlous for breathing. And, it will be meant only for the rich.

Then what about the poor people? It is question to which we will be compelled to answer in the near future.