Air cooler is an electrical appliance. We use it to cool the air in a room or hall. It is highly useful during the summer season. It looks like a box a small fridge like box. Its cabin is made of fiber glass and plastic. Inside the plastic or fiber glass cabin, there is a water tank at the bottom. Water is pumped up from here by a small pump inside the cabin. There is an exhaust fan. The exhaust fan is fixed at the centre of the cabin. The size of the cooler is 18”*18”. The upper front part of the air cooler is open with thin fiber glass bars fixed vertically and horizontally so as to release the air out. The other three sides of the cabin also have air holes or gaps for the air to escape. These sides are covered with coir or hay to a thickness of about one centimeter. A thin pipe takes water from the cabin tank at the bottom to the top of the channel. Through these channel holes, water falls down. There are two switches, one for operating the motor and the other for the fan inside the cooler.