India is primarily an agricultural country: around 70% of our population lives in villages and farming is the main occupation of these people. An Indian farmer is thin, but strongly built. He works hard in the fields. A majority of Indian farmers still use the primitive methods of farming. Most of the farmers wear dhoti and khadi kurta with a turban on head. The farmers of india speak local dialects of the region they belong to. An Indian farmer wakes up early in the morning. He goes to his fields before the sun rises. He ploughs the field and sows seeds. He takes out carefully the harmful grass that grows with the young plants. He irrigates his crop and scares away the birds that may eat up the crop. He sprays insecticides from time to time. He reaps the crop and separates the grains. Whether it is cold winter hot summer, a farmer is seen in his field working hard. He lives for the country and the countrymen. When he has harvested the crop, he celebrates. He is a simple person. He works very hard but he cannot dream of becoming rich. He works for himself. Often he has to take loans and is cheated by the landlords. However, with the modern methods of farming, his condition has considerably improved.