An Indian soldier is a true son of India. He is brave, courageous, and well disciplined. He dies so that his country and countrymen may live. He loves his country very dearly. He undergoes a hard training to fight his enemies bravely. He obeys the commands of his superiors and never questions them, even if their command is wrong one. He goes to the front happily, with a smile on his face. He attacks the enemies boldly. Sometimes he has to dig trenches and hide himself in them. From there he shoots at his enemies. Sometimes he has to keep awake night and day and keep vigil carefully. If he gets an opportunity, he attacks the enemies and defeats them. If he is arrested, the enemies torture him. But he does not leak the secrets of his country. His life is not an easy one. Sometimes he does not get leave for years together. In such cases, he cannot meet and see his dear ones. He may have to bear the extreme cold of the mountains, or the hot blasts of the deserts. In any case, he has to be ready to defend his motherland. During peace, he sings, dances and makes merry.