Each student has to study and prepare for the examinations. Without proper and sufficient study a student cannot progress. So, all the students read at home for the preparation of the examination.

Education system in the country is so designed and framed that the students have to be regular in their studies to be preserve what they are learned in their classes. Different subjects are taught by different teachers in the class. Students then read all these matters at their home and get prepares for examination.

The time at the disposal of a teacher is not sufficient to teach the students fully. So, the students have to take help of their parents or tutors to get them prepared for the examinations. Unless the students are fully prepared that may not have promotion to the next higher class.

Some students read intelligently and pass in the annual examinations. On the contrary, there are other students who do not understand things but simply cram-up the matter and reproduce them in the examination. Theoretically, the second method is wrong and should not be encouraged either by the parents or by the teachers.

Examination system has undergone a lot of changes. Now besides the descriptive- answer type questions, there are objective type question also. It is easy to answer objective type question but need thorough preparation. Even in higher and competitive examination, objective type questions are in vogue.

Studies and examination are related to each other. The criteria of success is to get through examination.