BAD EFFECTS OF CABLE T.V. : Essay Writing Topics


In the past one decade, cable T.V. has gained much popularity. Cable T.V. is the mean whereby we can receive programmes telecast by many national and foreign channels on our domestic screen. It is quite an economical source of entertainment on which amusing programmes are available all the twenty-four hours. But it has proved more of a curse than a boon. The interesting programmes on cable T.V. have made the people unsociable, disobedient and negligent towards their allotted activities. It affects the eyesight of programmes. Students neglect their studies and show poor performance in their examination. They prefer T.V. to games. They hardly go out and play in the playgrounds. The reading habit is not formed among children. It creates tensions in the family. It has brought cultural bankruptcy. It makes the innocent people cunning and criminals. It has also made people idle. Specially the housewives sit in front of the T.V. the whole day and neglect their household activities.