Be Available – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #2



It is, of course, a fact that often it is tedious dealing with customers who will not make up their mind. You want confirmation now. They want to think about it (which reminds me of the saying that when a customer’s says” I’ll think about it and let you know”- you know). But what matters most is the customer’s timetable, rather than the seller’s. However long they mull thing’s over for, whatever sort gap appears between one contact and another (there is a need here to keep in touch and take an initiative in following up), when they are ready to act, they are ready to act.

It can be galling to spend time creating interest, keeping in touch, perhaps over sometime, and then finding that you lose business because you were not available when they actually wanted to say ”Let’s talk.”


In the world-renowned Raffles Hotel in Singapore….

The general manager here, who certainly sees a key part of his role as selling, his personal mobile telephone number to many his guest. Given the international nature of the business, with guests coming from time zones all over the world, this seems like a formula for a sleepless life. Not so. The number is only usually passed on personally, so the manager can judge something about the value and hazards of doing so. If it is done right, with a little description about its use, then its use is evidently not abused (well, not often!). The manager gets a few time-wasting calls at odd hours of the day, but reports that, generally speaking, it is a valuable tactic and one that “definitely produces business”

It allows contact in a way that customers see as very convenient- allowing them to make contact at the top of the hotel’s organization when they want- and their being  given such a number is seen as unusual gesture, one they appreciate.

There is a direct link here for most people, one that applies to contact with an organization or an individual by phone,     e-mail and in other ways.

In practice

  • Use modern technology such as the mobile phone –but do not regard its use as routine, make it special.
  • Be seen to “go the extra mile”.

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