AVOID GIVING A DISCOUNT – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #57

101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas

IDEA 57:


Everyone likes a bargain. What is more, customers have been led to expect prices vary. Takes airfares and go to a dozen websites and travel agents, you will find yourself looking at a dozen different prices. Many of them are likely to be for exactly the same flight, airline, and so on. In this environment shopping around is the norm, and so too is asking for a discount. How do you either stop question being asked, or resist the suggestion when it comes?


From among others a menswear shops….

This is a problem area, and not one that is addressed by anyone magic formula (is anything?).But this idea works well in certain circumstance. Wherever price varies in the way it does in, say, a car showroom –each car gets you from A to B, but different models and specification cost different amount –you need to check what the customer is thinking about price. Asking “What’s your budget?” is likely to cause people to clam up( they know that declaring their hand makes negotiation more difficult). So as the customer investigates asks questions, and comes towards a choice there is another tactic to use. It works too in areas where a number of different products are being selected together. Perhaps the customer is buying an outfit: suit, shirt, tie, shoes, and such like.

Once the prospect is considering an option, price it is term of an estimate. “That specification would cost around £1,200: how does that sound?” You may get good information in return. It the answer is an out-and-out. “Way too expensive,” you could turn them to look at a less discounts. That’s particularly true when you’ve rounded up the estimate, so the final price is less than has already been agreed as a acceptable in principle.

In practice

  • Pick your moment for asking this kind of question. The customer needs to be in the process of decision making.
  • It is also important to use the right sequence here. Agree the estimate, and then use that agreement to avoid debate about a final price. “That’s a little less than what you looked at/agreed to earlier” makes a positive point.

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