SUPPORT THEIR CHARITY – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #19

101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas

IDEA 19:


There are parts of the world where bribes are the norms, but for the most part it is not a good idea to bribe your prospect, and certainly that is not one of the ideas listed here. However there are ways to please people that cannot be categorized as bribes. One is to support a charity favoured by a prospect or customer.


From an Australian professional body….

I came across this at the time of Boxing Day tsunami in South East Asia. On e visit to Australia I was keen to put my time to profitable use, and suggested to a number of local bodies that I gave a talk or seminar during my visit. One organization that took up the offer was involved in raising money for tsunami victims, and it was agreed that some of the money from the event would go to that because I supported this charity particularly because I had been holiday in Thailand in the aftermath of the event, so I was happy to do this. It made a favourable impression even before I had met anyone from the association.

Other possibilities can utilize the same principle. For example a financial adviser might invite people to a day’s golf (yes, some business really is done golf course), but to play in a competition that is designed to raise money for a good cause. This gives people an additional reason to agree, and gives her the chance for a leisurely chat with them.

Such activity has little to do with selling the product, and it is certainly not the solution to every sales problem (or charity fundraising problem). But there is circumstance where it is an excellent way of establishing or building relationships. Increasing the opportunity to talk to people in this way could lead to something more tangible. It might be used on a one-off or an ongoing basis.

In practice

  • If you pursue this idea, remember that the cause or charity should appeal to the customer (and not be your pet area).
  • Do not overuse this technique, or it might quickly be resented.

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