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101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas



Many customers check out potential purchases on the internet these days. This means makes contact with an individual business they have done their research and may see the process of selection and buying as well on the way. But this can create long-distance contact from customers who are physically near the sales persons. There’s a good side to this: it exposes sales people to prospects with whom they would never otherwise have had any contact. But how do you get closer?


From a Volvo dealership…

One industry in which this internet checking now goes on is car sales, including second- hand ones. People can check out possibilities and prices, and when they have an idea of the kind of car they want, they can see a list of every car for sale in the country that meets their exact criteria and where it is to be found. Then they can contact the appropriate dealer, who may be on the other side of the country. At the point they want to hear about the car, gleaning details beyond the basic description of year, colour and so on. If they are interested, they will doubtless resolve to go and have a look at it.

One salesman I spoke it in my local Volvo dealership has cracked this one. He offers to drive the car to the prospect (or maybe to meet them half-way). This surprises people and that surprise helps him gauge the seriousness of their intent. This is important because a journey costs time and money, but if he is confident he’s found a good prospect, and then it can pay dividends. Indeed my informant claims a good strike rate. After all, he does not suggest this to anyone he suspects of time wasting.

In practice

  • Review how e-marketing is affected the way your customers behave (It will likely be changing and need regular review.)
  • Adapt your approach to fit with their new practice.

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