KEEP THEIR ATTENTION – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #54

101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas

IDEA 54:


It is bad enough when a customer’s attention wanders. It is worse when you know –or realize later –that it is your fault it is happening. Sometimes when a customer’s mind does wander, whatever is causing it has nothing to do with you; it was in train before you arrived. If you notice a lack of attention, it is worth pausing, and checking by asking, “Is this best to abandon the meeting and set a new time. I have done this several times, and always thought that time proved me right. In some cases it jumped client relations ahead positively because it was appreciated.


From those wonderful people at Microsoft…

The idea here addresses the problem of inattention highlighted above, and does so in a way that is very specific to computer presentations using PowerPoint. You might be in a one-to-one meeting, putting your laptop on the buyer’s desk, or you might be giving a more a formal presentation involving several, or many, people. PowerPoint presentations can be powerful, enabling you to use a series of images to enhance your point. (Remember that any slides you show should support your case, not lead it, and certainly not replace it). Just because the technique is powerful it commands attention. So, when you originate a presentation, do not fill the screen with things that distract, and switch off the image when you want the customer to focus exclusively on you.

I am amazed how many people, when I suggest switching the screen off, say, “But how do I do that?” PowerPoint and Microsoft have made it easy: you simply press the “B” key (B for blank, if that helps you remember). The image fades, the screen goes dark, concentration and the customer’s focus of attention return to you, and with another press of the “B” key you left. This is so useful; it puts you in more powerful control, and as result increases the likelihood of sales success

In practice

  • Do not let your sales approach inadvertently distract the customer.
  • Organize yourself in a way that gets them to focus on what you want throughout the meeting.

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