SHOW PEOPLE YOUR SIZE – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #43

101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas

IDEA 43:


Size is an measure contributing to the overall image of an organization. If the entire operation consists of one man and a (small) dog, it is difficult to give the impression of a multinational conglomerate, at least without telling some significant untruths. Certainly successful selling may necessitate some serious exaggeration, but you may draw the line at telling at straight lie, if only on the basis of the risk of being caught out. On the other hand you may be able to e strictly honest and yet give the impression that your company is grander than it really is.


From BigStar, an online video and DVD retailer …

Wanting people to think of it as a major player, this company budgeted for some advertising. Its logo appeared on several hundred trucks in key regions of its market (New York, Los Angeles and more). The logo was presented in a way that made the trucks look like BigStar’s own vehicles, although in fact it had no delivery fleet, and all deliveries were contracted out. Customer awareness increased substantially, and sales staff stopped having to talk up the company’s size and status, because people simply saw it as large.

Another example of this comes from a small UK company. It was pitching for business with a large organization: success would take it up the scale and into a bigger league. The company knew who would be at the presentation it would make, and sent several members of staff to follow some of these key people home. They found that they all commuted by rail into London. The next move was to book some posters at the stations these decision makers used. With a limited budget, the company booked them nowhere else and only had them put up for the couple of weeks ahead of the presentation. At the presentation, when the staffs were describing the company’s operations and activity, they mentioned casually, “you may have seen our current poster campaign”. The audience nodded. They got the business.

In practice

  • You may feel these tactics are contrived or deceptive even, but certainly they are creative solutions. They are examples of action specifically taken, and linked to in sales meetings that achieves a well-thought- out purpose and impresses customers.
  • Even a small measure of this principle can be useful and add to your credibility.

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