WHEN THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT LIKE YOU – Best Sales and Marketing Ideas #63

101 Best Sales and Marketing Ideas

IDEA 63:


It would be a dull world if everyone were the same, so it is no great surprise that we do not get on equally well with everyone we meet. This does not matter much, if at all, in some circumstances. If you never see again the guy you sat next to flying to a holiday in Madeira, or even distant cousin Mary, you can no doubt live with it. But customers are different. You need to get on with them, certainly in terms of a business-like relationship (even if you do not want to invite them to dinner), or you risk losing business. Realistically, though, you are not going to hit it off with everyone, and there may be a few – be honest –where the relationship you want is a non-starter. What do you do then?


From a graphic design company…

Something I have seen in a number of businesses (so the graphic designers are just an example) demands some honesty amongst people, but can pay dividends. It can be initiated independently one to one, or might for example involved a manager at a sales meeting. The idea is, you pass the “difficult” customer on to someone else.

Two things need to be said immediately about this. First, you need to consider the logistics. It is no good trying to arrange for a colleague to see one of your customers if it makes for a complicated and time consuming journey. Second, you cannot expect to dump your difficult customers on others just like that. The way to do it is to swap. If you have a customer you think would be better dealt with by someone else, get your chosen colleague to exchange them for a customer with whom they have a customer who is perhaps awkward or difficult for you to deal with, and the company may gain extra business because  both parties now make a success of the “new” customer.

In practice

  • With clear communication with the customer this can work well for everyone, not least the customer.
  • Don’t feel bad about its just human nature that sometimes you don’t get on with people. (Although if none of your customer can get on with you, then maybe you should consider some other line of work!)

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