AGREE THE IMPOSSIBLE – Best Sales and marketing Ideas #78

101 Best Sales and marketing Ideas

IDEA 78:


Price is always sensitive issues in selling. Buyers want value for money, they want a bargain, and they may want to negotiate. They might unashamedly challenge the price you quote in order to try to obtain a better one. Indeed they may well genuinely reckon the original price is too high, and be unprepared to buy at the level. So faced with a challenge on price, what do you do?


From direct computer provider Dell…

When customer says the price is too high, they may well intend it to close the conversation: it is too high for them, and they will not buy, and that’s it. If you agree with them – “You are right, Mr Customer, the price is way too high” – that will probably be the last things they expect. Although they had closed their minds to further debate, they now open them again and want to know what’s going on.

Of course, there’s more to this idea than just agreeing. Although you might say this, it will not be what you mean, and you must continue the conversation in a way that makes this clear. This is a technique that works well with any product going through technological change, something that is permanently the case with computers. This may be not be a technique you meet in every branch of a retail chain, but I have heard it used well by Dell. How does it work? The sales person might explain, yes, it is a high price for a computer, but not for a laptop that can be used on the move, or (going into more detail) for laptop with such an exceptionally high battery life as this one.

In other words the price is described as high if the product were only (much less valuable than it is), but as necessary, understandable, good even, for what the product actually is. Then your description locks it in to key benefits.

In practice

  • Any important feature may be highlighted to make this approach fit, and it can work well for a range of products and services.
  • Not only does it work, it also surprises, and customers concentrate at once when you agree with something that had expected would start an argument. It’s an idea that can move a sales conversation from stalemate to discussion and agreement.

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