Immediately after the CBSE results are declared, one starts getting information about various career counseling centers being temporarily set up by the government. Today student’s minds are flooded with ideas and there are so many avenues that they get confused and are likely to make a wrong choice or may not be able to decide anything for themselves. In fact, instead of one’s abilities and attitudes, it is the decision of the parents or other well wishers, which ultimately prevails on students who are simply not able to decide what to do. Here one should not forget the importance of proper selection of career as the very destiny of students is based on it. It’s a well known fact that if guided properly one can really take advantage of career counseling by sorting out one’s aptitude and at the same time taken up the right stream and make good use of his or her caliber. These career counselors are able to make clear about the scopes in various streams, which the students may not be aware of. This may help them to face this competitive world with some confidence. Despite this facility, there are very few students who are really avail this opportunity, as most of them have to be really motivated to ask for the service of career counselors.