Life is pretty easy for students till class 10th. Tension starts as soon as the board exam comes close. Taking the examinations is not only the end of the tension, but the beginning of it. Students will eagerly wait for the results to be announced. As the results come out, life suddenly becomes hectic as what to do next. There are hardly any options apart from pure science, bioscience, commerce and humanities. This is just the stepping stone for a career waiting for the students. Though the choices are limited, it still becomes very limited depending upon the marks scored in the exams. Once a student decides what stream to take and pursue his studies, his whole goal should be dedicated towards achieving what he wants to do in the near future. This is the time when he starts thinking and taking tensions as what can be done after class 12th. Gone are the days when a mere graduation with the honour s degree was a very great achievement and to top it all if it was a first division. Today our generation is taking an uphill task to get a good degree to get a foothold in the market. There are lots of career options in today’s world. A student should follow his own heart and start off in that particular field in which he or she is really good. So, friends, gear up and do what you want as time flies very fast, so that you do not regret later on as many do.