BIOGRAPHY OF PELE: Essay Writing Topics

BIOGRAPHY OF PELE Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more widely admired by the world as “Pele”, was born on October 23,1940, in a small village in Brazil called Tres Coracoes in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. He was baptized in the municipal church called Igreja da Sagrada Familia de Jesus, Maria e Jose. His father, … Read more


GROUND WATER POLLUTION So far as water is concerned there is a general belief and it has been experienced too that the river or tank or pond water may get pol­luted. In this age of chemical formations chemicals have been flowing in the drains polluting the river water after they join the river. The water … Read more


A VISIT TO A HOSPITAL If visit to a mountain or the bank of a river is a visit to heaven visit to a hospital is one to hell. When I was a child my mother showed me a chart in which the sinners were being punished in different ways in hell. When I visited … Read more


GARBAGE, AN ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD Garbage is a great environmental hazard. It comes from various sources- used paper, tiffin packing, plastic bags, ice- cream wrappers, bottle caps, fallen leaves from trees and many more. Garbage makes the premises ugly, unkempt and breeds diseases. It should be disposed of properly. A lot of trash that is thrown … Read more

Essay about MY HOBBY

MY HOBBY A hobby is an activity we do for enjoyment during our spare time. It keeps us busy and we also derive pleasure out of it.  Different people have different hobbies. Music, painting, reading, stamp collecting, coin collecting, gardening etc. are some of the common hobbies. My hobby is reading books. Whenever I am … Read more



MY FAVOURITE BOOK My favourite book is Tagore’s Githanjali. The world is too much with us said Wordsworth. We actually ‘lay waste our power’ in earning and spending on favourite articles. Our books, our teachers all ask us to work hard to be successful in life. We are surrounded by materialism. I just want to … Read more


Essay topics on journey in a crowded bus

JOURNEY IN A CROWDED BUS The bus stopped a little away from its regular stop. The whole crowd the passengers of the two buses rushed towards it. An earlier bus was cancelled. How to board the bus was a problem. There was no option but to use force. I used all the strength, pushing others … Read more


ENTERING THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY With the fast changes taking place in almost every sphere in the world it has become difficult to guess how we enter the twenty first century. Still there are certain things about which one can be almost sure. Global financial resources have already been centralized and almost monopolized by World … Read more

New Speech Topics on ABUSE OF INDIAN CHILD

ABUSE OF INDIAN CHILD There has been open abuse of children in a number of ways in India. Girls in early teens in Hyderabad and Kerala are married to Sheikhs from Arab countries. It went to such an extent that the Waqf Board had to ask the Moulvis to bring such pending marriages to the … Read more


A MORNING SCENE IN MY TOWN The soul of William Wordsworth experiences bliss when he looks at London from the West minister Bridge. His lips brimming with joy move in the appreciation of The beauty of the morning: silent, bare,        Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples lie        Open unto the fields’ and … Read more

IELTS Writing Task 2 : Essay Writing Previous Questions with Answers

IELTS writing task 2 previous questions

IELTS Writing task 2 : Previous questions with answers will help you to score high band score 9 in your IELTS Writing module. You can DOWNLOAD and practice it here. Give your comments below Wait until page completely loads     You might Also like Essay Writing IELTS IELTS Essay Writing IELTS Essay Topics IELTS … Read more

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 228

essay writing topics ielts 228

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Writing Sample #227

Nowadays some individuals behave in an anti-society way, such as committing a crime. In general, it is the society to blame. What causes the anti-social behaviors of individuals? Who should be responsible for dealing with it?

essay writing topics ielts 228

It is unfortunate that in the midst of vast progress in every field of life there is also a growth in the anti-social behavior. People commit crimes and have become less respectful of each other. In the following paragraphs, I shall analyze some causes of this phenomenon and suggest some ways forward.

Today we live in an era of technology in which the whole Earth has shrunk and become a global village. Everybody is connected to everybody through telephone lines and the internet but the warmth of relationships has taken a back seat. Most people have more than enough wealth, comfort and freedom but their hearts desire even more. To satisfy their hearts greedy people choose unethical means such as committing petty and serious crimes. People have become selfish, isolated and indifferent and do not think twice before doing anything wrong. Each person is busy in his own quest for more.

The changing family structure is another big cause of this phenomenon. Earlier, people lived in joint families and the grandparents were there to supervise the children. Now there are nuclear families in which both parents go out to work and children are left unattended in the hands of pervasive media like the TV and the internet. No one monitors what they watch and they see the programs full of violence and crime which makes them anti social. The pressure of consumerist society and peers also breeds anti social behavior. Finally, unemployment is a cause of this phenomenon. The youth have a lot of energy and if it is not harnessed in the right direction can make them go astray and commit crimes. Therefore, it is essential that they don’t suffer from the menace of unemployment.

The individuals themselves, the society and the governments should deal with this situation together. There are many solutions to this problem. To begin with, people have to learn to strike a balance between work and family life. Government should also fix the maximum hours a worker can work per week so that exploitation is not there in the job market. People should revert back to the old joint family system. This would be in the benefit of all. The children would learn moral values and the elderly would be well looked after. Negative effects of excessive consumerism should be taught to the people. More and more employment opportunities should be created for the unemployed youth. Self employment can also be encourages.

In conclusion, I believe that, anti social behavior and mutual lack of respect in today’s times can be dealt with by taking simple measures and individuals and governments should collectively take these steps.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 227

essay writing topics ielts 227

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Writing Sample #227

Some countries have introduced a law to limit working hours for employees. Why is this law introduced? Do you think it is a positive or a negative development?

essay writing topics ielts 227

There are countries in the world such as USA, Canada, Australia and many more where a person cannot work for more than 40 hours a week. In my opinion, it is a positive development. In the following paragraphs, I shall discuss why this law was introduced and my arguments to support my views.

This law was mainly introduced with a view to protecting the economic rights of the workers, and preventing exploitation. It is seen that in places where there is no such law, employees are exploited and instead of a normal working from 9am to 5pm, they are made to sit in offices from 9am to 9pm at no extra pay. Many other benefits of this law such as improvement in the physical and mental health of the employees and better family relations automatically followed.

This law is beneficial because, in this fast moving world of today, people have become workaholics. In order to satisfy their material desires, they are forgetting to draw a line between work and family. If working hours are fixed, then they have enough time for their family life and leisure. Secondly, overworking leads to stress and can lead to nervous breakdown in extreme cases. People also find time for their regular exercise if working hours are fixed.

Furthermore, having a limit on working hours also helps solve the problem of unemployment. More number of people working for a fixed number of hours is better than lesser number of people working more number of hours. What is more, it has been proved by researches that having a limit on the working hours, increases the output and productivity of employees. This could be a win-win situation for both, the employer and employee. Finally, it can be said that chances of exploitation of employees is much less if there is a limit on the working hours.

Some people oppose this law by saying that it is an infringement of rights. They say that if a person has the ability to work more, he should be allowed to work. Sometimes a person may need more money for his personal needs and so it is unfair to not let him work more. Nonetheless, it has been seen that in countries where such laws are there, people have a better life, better working conditions, lesser degree of unemployment and better productivity of employees.

In conclusion, I believe that, this law was imposed in the benefit of employees and employers and it has many advantages.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Writing Topics 226

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Writing Sample #226

The major cities in the world are growing fast, as well as their problems. What are the problems that young people living in cities are facing with? Give solutions to these problems.?

essay writing topics ielts 226

The world is steadily becoming more urban, as people move to cities and towns in search of employment, educational opportunities and higher standards of living. Urbanization creates opportunities and challenges on one hand and gives rise to different types of stresses and problems on the other. Rapid urbanization is coupled with the fact that nearly half of this population is below the age of 25. This essay shall deal with the problems faced by the youth in the cities and also suggest some ways forward.

The main problems faced by youth and everyone else in the rapidly expanding cities are because of pressure on the resources such as land, water and infrastructure like public transport, places, health care, law and order etc. There is an increased demand for land which pushes the property prices. This also leads to encroachment of pavements and creation of slums. There is little basic infrastructure for youth to access, ranging from parks and community centers, to basic services such as health, training and education. That is why there is an increase in crime and drug addiction.

Furthermore, there is increase the demand and consumption of water. Limited access to drinking water poses serious health hazards and easy spread of water borne diseases across the masses. Health hazards resulting from urbanization are also connected to air pollution, as well as crime, traffic and lifestyle. The increase in urbanization throughout the world has been accompanied by a sharp growth in urban traffic and the public transport system of the urban cities is choked. The youth in particular are severely stressed by these problems.

The problems faced by youth need to be tackled on a war footing. After all our youth are our most important resource and the time has come to address their problems. Youth can be engaged, not as leaders of tomorrow, but as leaders of today, through methods such as youth led development, and through international agencies working with local government to create safe and positive spaces in the cities in which youth are increasingly living in. The youth need to have safe urban based places in which they can call their own, where they can receive important information on issues such as HIV AIDS prevention, where they can receive job and entrepreneurship training, where they can practice and meaningfully engage in local governance, and where they can most importantly meet and co-exist peacefully with other youth.

In conclusion, I believe that, rapid urbanization has brought many problems for our youth but their problems can be addressed by engaging the youth in local governance and providing them proper education and job training so that they do not fall victim to the stress of urban life.

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