Persuasive Essay Topics on My unforgettable Train Journey

Persuasive Essay Topics on My unforgettable Train Journey A journey by train is an interesting and educative experience. During the last summer vacation, I had the opportunity to travel from Dehra Dun to Lucknow with my friends. We reached the Dehra Dun station in time to catch the 1.50pm Train. Our train stood ready. Our … Read more

Removal of Poverty from India – Essay

Removal of Poverty from India

Poverty is the greatest curse of India. It is the grave problem faced by the country today. When we got independence, nearly 50% of the people were below the line of poverty. This state of affairs continues even today, with some variations. Poverty is the prime source of all evils, whether political, social or economic. A poverty-stricken land is an easy prey to its greedy and jealous neighbours. Poverty has brought about political revolutions, moral degeneration and economic upheavals. A nation of hungry and starving millions cannot preserve its integrity and independence for long. Political independence has no meaning to the common man unless he is freed from poverty.

How can we remove poverty from India ? The gap between the rich and the poor should be reduced, though this is not easily possible. This involves well-directed efforts on the part of the government and also the active co-operation of the rich and the poor. The rich must be prepared to make sacrifices and reduce their consumer expenditure, and the poor must be prepared to work hard for improving their lot. It may be worthwhile to find how some of the countries of the world have succeeded in their attempts to end poverty. Former West Germany, Japan, Italy and France are among the democratic countries who have tackled this problem with astonishing success. It is the plan adopted by the Government and the spirit shown by its people, which have accounted for this great success. They did not have hundreds of public sector undertakings running at heavy loss. There was no question of industrial indiscipline, pulls and pushes by political parties, and lock-outs.  The example shown by the former Soviet  Union and Communist China are equally astonishing. Within a period of two decades, these agricultural countries developed great economic strength by the iron will, firm device and single-minded determination of their leaders. They have seen to it that the people are not allowed to waste their energies and time in petty quarrels and demonstrations in the name of democracy and liberty.

India owes her sad plight of today to her unimaginative and unrealistic fads. The policies and programmes adopted by the governments from time to time have been unrealistic. The people waste their energies and time in petty quarrels for some political gains. If India decides to stick to her democratic institutions, she should then give due recognition to profit motives and free competition. India must re-align her priorities if she wants to banish poverty quickly and effectively. Too much emphasis on individual freedom and rights has resulted in industrial unrest and strikes, leading to low production and poverty. We should eradicate illiteracy and give proper education to the people. The Government should create the right atmosphere for industrial growth. This will generate great scope for employment. When we are able to solve the problem of unemployment, we will also succeed in ending poverty.

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Essay Writing – War and Peace on a new outlook

The world has witnessed many wars right from the days of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Ramayana was a story of victory over the evil elements in society. The story was on a war over the evil elements in the society. Though the story was on a war over the abduction of a pretty woman ‘sita’, who was considered divine, because of her extraordinary noble virtues like patience, love, faithfulness to her husband and loving care for her relatives, the Ramayana is full of morals that are eternally valid. Lakshmana’s devotion to her brother Rama, Bharatha’s devotion to his brother, Dasaratha’s rule over his kingdom strictly following highly sacred ethical rules, his loving care for his subjects explain how a human being should live according to the age-old norms of morality, how a kingdom should be ruled.

The story of the Mahabharatha depicts the war fought between the Pandavas and the Kauravas over a dispute arising over the possession of a kingdom. Enmity, anger, hate have been the cause of many wars. King Ashoka turned a piece-lover after seeing the large scale destruction caused by the Kalinga war. He embraced Buddhism, the religion of non-violence and began a life of service to society. Wars have also been fought between a Chola king and a Pandya king, between a Pandya king and a Chera king and the woeful, large scale destruction of properties and people cannot be adequately described in words. These wars took place years back and we know of these wars only from the pages of history and through inscriptions. There were wars fought with arrows. The soldiers were riding on elephants, camels and horses.

  The world has been the scene of devastating wars of colossal carnage resulting out of the most destructive battles between one nation and another just because a powerful nation unable to brook a small nation’s intransigence to its dictates wants to wreak vengeance on the weak, small nation. Enmity, anger and hate between two nations victimize innocent, poor, famished people who are utterly shocked suddenly by the unexpected destruction of their small property and the death of their close, beloved relatives who may be the breadwinners. Wars extending to several years have caused untold damages to life and property. In a natural calamity in the twinkle of an eye there is mass destruction. The estimates increase the death-toll and in a war the destruction of properties and human lives excel that following a natural calamity. Wars and natural calamities are the causes of destruction of vast areas and people’s life.

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Essay Writing – The Problems of Old Age

Old age is an integral part of human life. It is the evening of life. It is an unavoidable life, unwelcome and problem, ridden phase of life. Every one wish to live a long life, but not to become old it is ironical that however undesirable is the old age, it is bound to come in life. A man is compelled to go through the pain and pleasures of this age like the other phases of life before making an exit from this mortal world.

An old man is full of experiences and even the experiences and even though experiences are of immense help to the younger generation, he is upon an unwanted burden. He himself is caught in a terrible feeling of redundancy. Thinking of old age visions of loneliness and neglect emerge in the mind. The picture becomes all the more awesome with failing health and illness. A sense of despair glooms over all his pleasant feelings. Though it is true that no stage of life has its ever smooth sailing and every stage has its attendant problems, those of old age are more difficult and insurmountable because the physical strength and mental capability required to cope up with the adverse situations of life are immensely reduced. The situation becomes all the more difficult when one finds himself/ herself left alone without anyone to attend him.

Indeed loneliness and neglect associated with old age is a rather a recent phenomenon. It is the outcome of break up of the tradition of joint family system. Growing urbanization and fast moving modern life have contributed to the problem. Furthermore, the erosion of moral values has also aggravated the situation. Earlier, when life was simpler and values counted for more, those who reached a ripe old age held an enviable place in society where they could really release and enjoy the twilight years of life. They commanded great respect, regard, love and attention and were taken as source of inspiration, guidance and experience for the younger generation. These words of Elbert Hubbard are true to the situation, “where parents do too much for their children, the children will do not much for themselves.”

Every phase of life has its own problems which require which require prudence, wisdom courage and strength to attend to. In childhood and youth one has parents and other close elderly kith and kin to help, cooperate and guide. Besides, he himself has a lot of energy, strength, stamina and courage. But the situation takes a reverse turn in the old age. For his every work he needs someone to help. He becomes dependent on others largely due to his physical infirmity. He is, in fact, filled with a feeling of emotional insecurity.” He wants someone to take care of his needs helps from someone. But in this materialistic society, everybody is short of time. The problem gets accentuated especially as the world ceases to have any resemblance to what the elderly were accustomed to and changes at a bewildering pace with every passing moment.

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Essay writing Speech Topics – Moral Education

Education was once the exclusive responsibility of the state. In the constitutional Amendment of 1976, education was included in the Concurrent list. Since then, the central government continues to play a leading role in the evolution and monitoring of educational policies and programmes, the most notable of which are the National Policy of Education (NPE), 1986, and the Programme of action, 1986 as updated in 1992. The modified policy envisages a national system of education to bring about a uniformity in education, making adult education a mass movement, providing universal access, retention and quality in elementary education and expanding the structure of higher education.

  Moral education is not our priority. It is not included in any of the syllabi-viz. science, humanities. Morals or morality, broadly speaking, implies honesty of character, fairness in attitude and absence of evils like jealousy, hatred and greed from actions. Our system of education gives us formal knowledge of various types of subjects but does not teach us what is morality ad how to bring the characteristics related to it in our mindset. Our schools, colleges and universities are churning out millions of young graduates every year who are experts in some field of science, art, commerce or technology. No teaching or training is given to the students on moral values. What have been the results o this system of education? We have professionals in every field, but we have few people in society who have a high moral character.

  The society reflects our education. Many of our officials in public and private sectors are corrupt. The assets they have acquired are most often much higher than their known sources of income. We read about income tax raids and Central Bureau of Investigation raids on the residences of high officials. Wealth amounting to crores of rupees are recovered during these raids. We watch on TV channels the scams that are unearthed after regular intervals. What do these incidents reveal? They reveal that our greed has reached gigantic proportions. The attitude of government employees has become so indifferent to public also. This is nothing but stealth of time. As students they were taught to solve various types of questions. They were not taught how to serve the nation. They were not made aware of the happiness that one derives by working honestly and sincerely.

  The atmosphere in our schools, colleges and other institutions of education is full of competition. The students are taught to excel one another. Competition more often becomes so intense that it leads to rivalries, jealousy and hatred among class-fellows. It cannot be denied that competition is necessary to achieve higher goals. But it is totally undesirable if it breeds ill feelings. Our ancient universities of Nalanda and Patliputra created scholars of great repute like Kautilya in Economics and Susruta in Medicine, but they never used competition among the students to move ahead. There was a spirit of sacrifice for the sake of justice and fair play.

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Speech-Topics-Essays-on-ONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENTONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENT “One world, one Government – the whole world governed by one Government”. Doubtless the idea will be rejected off hand as preposterous by our politicians and statesmen, by the rulers of the world’s sovereign, independent states. For if mankind should one day become sane enough to establish a … Read more

The Evils Of dowry system

Speech Topics Essay topics

The dowry system is the biggest evil of Indian society. The sacred institution of marriage is reduced to a business transaction. Dowry is the money and other items which the parents give away to their daughters at the time of their marriage.

This is a very old custom. It exists in all sections of Indian society. In recent times it has become widespread and problematic to parents and girls. In the past, it was a voluntary offer from the part of the parents of the brides, but now it has become compulsory. Now it is a necessary evil. The system has reduced the dignity of women. It shows that women are inferior to men. Poor parents borrow huge sums of money at high rates of interest to give dowry. Thus, it places the girl’s father in a weak position psychologically and economically, and the economy of the girl’s family is shattered for a long period. Some girls commit suicide just because their parents cannot give them dowry. Some people compel their daughter in laws to bring money even after the marriage.

Speech Topics Essay topics

Many girls are put to a lot of trouble and some of them even end their lives not long after the marriage. There are instance of persecution and killing of girls by her husband’s relatives just because she has not brought the promised dowry. The system causes a rift between wife and husband or between the families of the boy and the girl. It may result in divorce or dowry death. This is a shame to our society. The dowry system has made the life of women an agony.

This inhuman practice must be put an end to at the earliest. Now there is a great demand by the people that this evil system of dowry should be abolished completely. The educated youth of the country should make aware of this evil and they should come forward to fight this evil. The government has taken many steps to put an end to this system. Law alone cannot produce any desirable result. People should co-operate with the government to wipe out this curse to society. A strong propaganda should be started against this evil by all responsible persons in the society. Then only the black mark on the bright face of our country can be removed.

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