English Proverbs – A burnt child dreads the fire

Proverb Expansion

The proverb tells us that experience is the best teacher. We tell a child that fire is dangerous and not to touch it. Sometimes the child may not understand it properly. So it may touch the fire and get burnt. It gets an experience from its deed and it will be very careful with fire later on. The lesson that we learn from a bitter experience is never forgotten. We learn many things from our lives. These experiences are more effective than the knowledge that we gain from reading books. We never forget the things that we have learned ourselves. We commit many mistakes in our lives. The experiences that we have gained from our mistakes will help us to avoid them in future. We will be very careful not to repeat the same mistake. An experience is a sort of warning and we will surely learn from it.

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English Proverbs – A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush

Proverb Expansion

The moral of this proverb is that we should be content with what we have and should not become greedy. The proverb warns us against running after bigger fortunes leaving the opportunities we get. A bird which one has got in the hand is always more valuable than two birds which one aims to get, but are in the bush. The reason is that the birds in the bush can always fly away and the possibility of his getting them is doubtful. But the one in his hand cannot escape and can be useful to him. If the person lets the bird in his hand go free and tries to catch those in the bush, they may also fly away and he will a complete loser. It is better to be in possession of even small things than to have hopes to get something difficult. In other words, it is always better to utilize whatever opportunity is at hand than look forward to some other opportunity that may come in future. Our neighbours who are poor sometimes prove to be more helpful to us than our rich relations who are far away. Our rich relations who are away may not will to help us at all. So it is foolish to reject the help of our poor neighbours. Unreasonable greed and craze to get quickly rich always lands one in trouble. The story of king Midas is an eye opener in this connection. Not connected with his treasure of gold and silver, he begged God for the boon of golden touch. He was given the boon that whatever he touched would turns into gold. At last he lost everything including his dearest daughter. So we should be content with what we have.

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English Proverbs – A bad Workman quarrels with his tools

Proverb Expansion

Tools help to improve the quality of the work; therefore they are necessary for the work to be done. But it is important how they are used and who use them. A good workman is known by his efficiency. His efficiency lies in handling the tools. He is talented, skilled and confident of success in his work. He knows how to put the tools to proper use and he does not blame them. A bad workman does not know how to make proper use of his tools. He does not have the skill of handling the tools and so he quarrels with them. As a result, the quality of his work will be low. He does not admit his own lack of skill and talent. This is common among people. Many people will try to put the blame on others for their own faults. They never admit their faults. If a student does not get pass mark in the examination, he will put the blame on his teacher. If a cricket player does not get sufficient runs, he will say that it is the defect of the bat or the ground. If a team fails in a match, the members of the team will say that the referee was partial. Thus, any workman who quarrels with his tools is a bad workman. On the other hand, a good workman will repair his tools if they don’t work well. He never finds fault with his tools. In short, a man who admits his faults and limitations can overcome them easily and he will succeed in life.

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English Proverbs – To Err is Human, to Forgive Divine

Proverb Expansion

In one of Shakespeare’s plays one of the characters says, ” The quality of mercy is divine “. Indeed to be able to forget the evil that others have done to you and to forgive them is divine. Jesus Christ, even on the cross, during his last moments, was able to say this about the people who had put him to death : father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Lord Rama showed no rancour against his stepmother, Kaikeyi, for sending him to the forest for sending him to the forest for fourteen years so that her son, Bharat, could be the king.

All of us are humans. We all have our weaknesses.No human being is prefect. So when someone does a wrong to us, why can’t we forgive them? When someone hurts us it is because that person is human and little understands the harm that he or she is causing. Forgiving that person brings out the god-like nature that lies in man.It is not very easy to do, but once we do it, we will feel an inner peace and the spirit of reconciliation.

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Failures Are The Pillars To Success

Thus go an ancient saying ‘To be a champion, fight one more round, “which is very true. Only tireless pursuit can create winners. Success comes to those who try and never tire. To be a winner, one has learn to strive with perseverance, courage and determination. Success cannot be achieved in a day. The road to success is not an easy one.

It is narrow, rough, patchy, slong and full of hurdles and obstacles. One has to learn to overcome the hurdles and obstacles to achieve the desired goal. In reality, the path to success is strewn with failures. With each failure one gets closer to success and with each fall one rises higher. It may seem paradoxical and contradictory to talk of failures and falls along with success and rising higher. Each failure brings one closer to success because within each failure is hidden a lesson about success.

The child takes a step forward but then on the second one he falls and stumbles. But that does not mean that the child will never learn to walk just because he stumbled. Rather this stumbling ensures that soon he will learn not only to walk but run around also. Look at a bird in the sky, how it flutters, flutters and fails. Hoe does the wings quiver as I makes it first attempts to fly. It tries and fails. But it does not give up. But at the end it spreads its wings and off its go into the blue sky.

The story of the ant trying to climb a wall is often remembered. It crawls a few inches and falls. But tries again. In fact, the ant goes on trying infinitely-trying to reach the top of the wall. The on looker gets bored, tired and loses heart. But the ant does not. It keeps on trying till it reaches the top-till it reaches where it wants to be.

History too is sprinkled with such instances where success is granted only after passing through a series of failures. Mohd. Ghazni had attacked 17 times before he succeeded in con- quering India. One has to try a number of times before actually tasting success. Even great men and women in the world have had their share of failures before reaching their desired goals.

The darkest hour is before dawn. Thus when nothing seems to work out in the right manner and it seems that all roads are leading to failures and nothingness one has to just remember the arrival of the dawn, the sun rising dispelling darkness at that very moment when night seemed blackest and thickest. Therefore one should never lose hope but keep on trying till one achieves success.

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