Religious tolerance Essay topics

RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE Religious toleration is when people allow other people to think about god(s) in ways that they do not think are true. They tolerate religious beliefs and practices which are different from their own beliefs or lack of beliefs. Religious tolerance is the backbone of a cultural and civilized society or nation. It is … Read more



MY FAVOURITE BOOK My favourite book is Tagore’s Githanjali. The world is too much with us said Wordsworth. We actually ‘lay waste our power’ in earning and spending on favourite articles. Our books, our teachers all ask us to work hard to be successful in life. We are surrounded by materialism. I just want to … Read more


my ambition in my life essay topics

MY AMBITION IN LIFE ‘Man is a born sinner’ said the prophet. No wonder sins have dominated the world scene through ages. The concept of sin has changed from time to time and fro region to region. Jehads have been guided by religious fervor. Forcible conversations have been considered God’s work. Nations have been devastated … Read more



NON CONVENTIONAL SOURCES OF ENERGY Wood has been the most common source of energy since the advent of human beings on the earth. Population being thin everywhere it seemed on everlasting source. Increase in population meant occupation of land for residential houses. That is how forests started depleting and disappearing too. Ti was not simply … Read more

Essay Writing Topics on MY IDEAL TEACHER

We respect our Teachers An Ideal Teacher

MY IDEAL TEACHER I live in a world if starvation. I have friends all around me-all beggars. They are starving in a world that is full of knowledge. But the toast of knowledge is not passed on to the hungry student. An ideal teacher would make the toast wholesome with latest innovations and place it … Read more


Essay on Mothers Day for school students

MOTHER IS THE BEST TEACHER Child is just a monkey aping the ones close to it. It is through this imitation that the baby starts learning. The nearest to the babe is the mother. The child unconsciously copies all the good or bad triats of the mother. If the mother scolds others the child is … Read more


essay on Importance of sports and games


Games and sports symbolize the youth of the nation. They keep the nation young as they keep the people young. A drowsy inactive nation seldom makes a mark anywhere in the world. The intellectual growth of a nation too depends upon its physical health. Olympics of course are the mirror of the joy derived from physical competition. How much physically fit we are and how much joy we derived from the games and sports have been reflected in the Olympics for the last so many years. India has cut a sorry figure.

essay on Importance of sports and games
Role of Sports in Education

Besides building health of the nation games give a sense of cooperation to the people. We call it team spirit. Leaving Tennis and Badminton most of the games have a team of 6 to 11 members. In Football, Hockey, Volleyball, even in Kabaddi if the team members do not cooperate they lose the game. The best game is one in which the ball is passed from player to player. Victory is a combined affair not an individual one. That is why most of the people in India try to develop their own personality. The sense of cooperation lacks.

The games inculcate in us a sense of sportsmanship. We enjoy the victory of our rival and shakes hands with him. It is not the victory that counts but how you played the game. The elections have become a wretched affair. We indulge in all types of vices to win them. It is only because we have no sense of true sportsmanship.

essay on Importance of sports and games
Say bye to Books: Importance of sports and games

Of late India suffered a heavy jolt in the sportsman like spirit among the players. It entered the field of the game liked by most of the people in this country. There have been scams in the share markets, banks, among politicians and bureaucrats as fodder scam, dhoti scam, and ayurvedic medicines scam. It means deception and betrayal has entered among the people in a big way. How could games remain away from it? Match fixing in cricket is no more a secret of the big cricket personality’s right from the President of the Cricket association down to the team manager, Captain and players. The new millennium saw a South African Captain indulging in this low practice. It was like a panebora box. Many a Skelton came out. It is rather a beginning. Who knows what may follow. On the other hand our shining sportsman do not find businessmen or tycoons to sponsor good sportsmen to the Asian or Olympic games where our tally is just one or two bronze – a shameful thing for the biggest democracy and the second most populated country of the world.

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Short Essay on My Favourite Games

essay on my favourite game


I had a fancy for some of the games played in developed countries and dreams of creating records in the international jamborees of Asian, Commonwealth and Olympic games. But the dream was smashed to pieces after the Sydney Olympics of 2000- the first in the new millennium. The fancy for cricket was already over by the match fixing scam. It is all the result of copying the West in all spheres. So that my imaginative faculty does not get blurred my mind came back to my homeland where the sum of civilization rose seven thousand years back.

So far as our games are concerned we have an egalitarian approach. Our games, in the past, were played by the rich and the poor alike. The most common game played in all the states of our country is kabaddi or TuTu. It has different names in different areas. But I have seen it being played everywhere. I like it the most as it is based in the spirit of cooperation of the whole team. If the opponent comes to say kabaddi all the six members of the team catch hold of one another’s hand making a chain so that once caught the opponent may not go out of their grip. All the six becomes a single chain. The opponent also tries to come out of their clutch as abhimanyu did in Mahabharata. He was not able to get out the kabaddi player may.

Essay on my favourite games
My favourite games

I am also interested in different types of races. I secured cups 200 meter race in the lower classes. I still run in the park and aspire for a better performance. Judo and wrestling too are of my liking. But of late I have taken fancy to yogasans. I wish they too are considered a part of sports. Sarvang asan and Surya namaskar are the two I have practiced. Surya namaskar is a combination of six asans and is very useful for keeping one healthy.

Another two games I have liking for are hockey and football. In these two too team spirit is very necessary. One has not to have the arrogance that he can push the ball in the goal himself. Passing the ball from player to player is necessary. Similar is the case with volleyball. Passing the ball for the final stroke by one who is at the net is very interesting. These three games are rather universal. India was once considered champion in hockey. For the last so many years we have lost our status as we are not able to practice it seriously.

essay on  my favourite game
Traditional Indian games

I haven’t much fancy for indoor games. Let us leave table tennis and carom for the girls. They too have specialized in something. Of course they are entering the games on which formerly only men had a monopoly. India got a bronze in the Sydney Olympics-won by a woman-Malleshwari-in weight lifting. Let them enter their world of kho-kho. Let me be a champion of yogasans that require a little of meditation too.

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Essay on Indian democracy


Since the split in Congress in1969 the socio- political conditions in the country have been undergoing a steep fall. There is an abundance of good social legislation as may not be found in any democratic country in the world. But the common man just wonders whether he is meant to be the show piece in the sphere of history. The implementation of laws is almost nil in most of the parts of the country. If they are honestly implemented by a conscientious officer he has to do so at the risk of his transfer. The Parliament and State assemblies enact laws and pass them on to the administration not for their execution but for their non- execution. Educational people feel that the legislation is very good but the execution is bad. The poor illiterate or even the literate common man does not know anything about the legislation. He has to face a government officer, a representative or an official of the executive machinery who is seldom helpful. Thus he too abuses the executive right from the Prime Minister to peon in the Taluqa office. It is a black spot on the reputation of the executive head of the State.

Essay on Indian democracy
Whats the future: Indian Democracy

The experience of the people has continued for such a long time that they have faith in the system of governance. They want to have a change. They think that the present cabinet system with Prime Minister or the Chief Minister at its head has failed to govern the country. They have lost faith in the electoral system which eliminates the good and the honest and brings the corrupt to power who are backed by muscle power and unaccounted money.

Tolerance is the essence of democracy. Judiciary is its backbone. One after the other leaders has been showing their firm faith in the unity of the nation. But the common man finds these very leaders, with knives of different size and shape putting deep scars on the face of the motherland. One would bring ad fresh divide with knife of Mandal Commission. Another would raise the dispute of river water as if the two or three states are different countries. Still another would conspire to murder the Prime Minister while his rival would get thousands of people of a particular community killed in a counter conspiracy. There are regions where the national flag is replaced by the fall of a neighboring country. People belonging to militant organizations like ULFA and a number of Sikh and Muslim militant organizations openly trained in foreign countries while units of militants belonging to a neighboring country are supported by the people in high places. The dejure head of executive and the defacto head of judiciary look helplessly at the non- execution of the law of the land. The doubt arises whether the country is ripe enough – the people are mature enough to bear the yoke of democracy.

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Exploitation of children


Exploitation of children

Looking on the condition of children living their parents in slums in metropolitan cities, or in the abodes of the poor or among the landless laborers in the rural areas one can guess the tragic fate of these buds that fade when they had to bloom. Most of the poor people in all castes and communities have a large number of children. It becomes rather obligatory for them to engage them in some remunerative work. In big cities and in smaller ones too one would find children between the age of four and twelve working in roadside restaurants and tea stalls. They hardly get rupee four of five a day-not sufficient even for their own meals. Many of them stay in the restaurant tenements during nights too and are sexually exploited.

Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education
Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education

Children of the same age group work in match industry in Sivakasi, quarries in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, carpet industry in U.P, brassware industry in Moradabad. According to a UN study the number of such children in India was 113 million. They could not have the joys of childhood. Worse is the condition of the girl child. She has to start working in the household and the fields in the rural areas at the age of four. The exploitation of the girl child is so much that 40 lakh of one crore 20 lakh born every year die before they are fifteen. In this developed age 1000 of them died in Delhi alone in a year before their birth. Sexual assault on girls between the age of 4 and 7 is a common feature in India.

According to a Bureau of Police Research and Development 1, 90,567 children were arrested in India in 1985. More than one third of them belonged to the 7-12 age groups. More than one third of them belonged to the 7-12 age group. More than nine thousand were below 12 and 777 of these were girls. An enquiry instituted by the Chief Justice of India and conducted by a district judge revealed that most of the children in jails are sexually assaulted by hard core criminals and even by the Jail staff. As there are no remand homes or Juvenile Jails in most of the districts in India lakhs of children are interned in regular jails. A large number rot there for years as under trials. When they come out many of them are themselves hard core criminals. A large number suffer from venereal diseases. Not many of them may catch AIDS too.

Exploitation of Children in Indian society
Poverty leads to child Labour

According to an anti-slavery International estimate, 25 million children are employed as slaves on the Indian sub continent, 8 million works as slaves in Andes, the region from Panama to Tierra del Fuego in America. Thousands of them work on Brazilian plantations to pay off their parent’s debts and thousands of these little ones are slaves like servants in South African households. A survey published in a esteemed English daily praises UNO for promulgating the ‘Convention of the Rights of Children’ on November 20, 1989. The bright patch is that charter of “The rights of Children to protection from economic exploitation were signed by a large number of countries next only to ‘the human rights charter’. The pity is as the report says, “And none is less respected.” The laws and charters are just to be instituted not to be implemented. The poor child remains the worst sufferer.

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There was Kudos for the conscientious people of Kerala when they initiated the programme of ‘Smrithivanam’ in the early nineties. They started planting trees in memory of the dead. It is a living graveyard helping the ecology to improve. Even an ordinary man knows that forests invite water laid clouds, provide timber, are a source of nitrogenous manure, preserve soil from erosion, suck the subterranean water and provide shade and safety to small plants. Forests have also been providing a number of fruits including pine apple, coconut and charauli. They have now come under regular plantation.

It is because of the absence of trees in Rajasthan is more or less a desert area. Still people, contractors and even government have been denuding forests. The Chipko movement of Uttar Kashi and Almora and Apiko movement of Kanara in Karnataka have not stopped killing the benevolent creation of nature that saves environment.

deforestation and global warming
Cause and Effects of deforestation

The denudation of hill forests in Doon Valley in UP, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra and Mahendragiri in the South have brought havoc in these areas. The trees are felled for commercial mining and in the name of tourism. Vast areas in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh have been brought under cultivation after felling the trees. Huge dams have cleared a number of forest regions in Punjab, Orissa and the South.Sardar Sarover Narmada Project is not the last nail in the coffin of forest.

Because of the rise in population the axe has fallen on forest areas for residential needs and for procuring agricultural needs. Forest wealth has already depleted in Bihar –Bengal- Orissa border belt because of coal mining. No efforts have yet been made to rehabilitate the consumed area with trees. With the rise in population in the Indian sub continent there is a general rise in the defense forces in India too to face the danger from Pakistan, Bangladesh and the foreign forces beyond the North Eastern region of the seven sisters of Assam and other states. The axe of 23 army Brigade, Ranchi fell on the Neterhat hills dotted by scores of forest villages in Palamau and Gumla districts in South Bihar. It was a pity that the State Government and the Union Ministry of Forest and Environment decided to hand over 206 sq.Km. to the army for setting up field firing range. About 40,000 tribals residing in the areas started a ‘beat the drum’ agitation.OnlyGod knows if the sound will be heard by the authorities who have planned to acquire 34 villages and notified 127.

new speech topics
Impacts of deforestation

The problem at Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka is a bit different but equally serious. In the late sixties and early seventies the Kabini dam had submerged 10,000 acres of land. 9000 acres of forest land was cleared of trees for relocating to the displaced non tribal population. The tribals were moved to the Nagarhole National Park. The government wants to relocate the tribals living in 54 settlements an area of 2000 hectare within the park. It plans to provide facilities of residence, hospitals and schools at the settlement located near Veerannahosalli, on the Hunsur-Nagarhole road. But the tribals especially the 70 Kurba families residing near Kabini reservoir areas in Maladadi Hadi area resist their shifting .The tribals too have their interest in denuding forests. They have cleared over 300 acres of forest land. They lease the land to Keralites for growing ginger and charge Rs.2000 per acre from them.66, 500 Men living in 96 villages located within5 km of the park periphery have 27,600 cattle. This high ratio of cattle provides the dung, sold as manure .The animals graze in the forests without any charges and on being grown up are sent to slaughter houses in neighboring Kerala .The consciousness about the forest health to save environment is not to be aroused among the government agencies and the people but among the tribals themselves whom the forests sustain.

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Short Essay Writing Topics on An Ideal Family

AN IDEAL FAMILY Because of the influence of European civilization joint family system has been looked down upon by the educated elite in India. The younger group in the society is fast growing materialistic and considers the old moral values as stale and unhealthy. Materialism brings in the natural phenomenon of selfishness. In the male … Read more

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