CHILD EXPLOITATION: Essay Writing Topics


Indian constitution safeguards the right of a child to grow naturally, without being exploited by the grown-ups. But, by and large, child exploitation is a part and parcel of our society. A child is often exploited not by an outside agent but by his own family members. The parents send their children to work in fields and factories. The very immediate society of a child is responsible for his miserable conditions. Despite constitutional provisions and national policies and programmes, many Indian children continue to be a victim of emotional and physical exploitation. Education and eradication of poverty are needed if we want happy and healthy children. The parents of such children should realize the importance of education. They should be made aware that the child is not supposed to be an earning member. He has to attend school, play games and enjoy his childhood. Thousands of children are there who do not know the meaning of childhood. We have to work towards the progress of the society. How can a society progress when its future citizens are deprived of the childhood happiness and gaiety? The employment of children below the age of fourteen has to be checked. The culprits should be punished severely.