CHILD LABOUR: Essay Writing


Child labour is a common feature in India and many other countries. It is one of the major evils of urbanization and industrialization. Child labour is engaged not because of shortage of labourers, but due to its easy availability and cheapness. In India there is excess of population and labour for which there is wide unemployment. Still, child labour is employed due to its wages are less and easy availability.

For specific jobs women and child labour is considered to be more convenient and cheaper. These workers are availability directly through other workers. Specific attempts through advertisement or employment exchanges are not necessary.

Normally child labour is engaged for simple and easy jobs. So, these children do not need specific training and the workers not bear loss of the training period.

Child labour is a social evil. In a way it is an economic evil also. Now sociologists, government, social reformers etc. are opposing the evil of child labour. Most of the child labour is actually a bonded labour. It simply ruins the childhood of the children and make them pessimistic. It causes adult unemployment.

Various legislations are there to cure the evils of child labour. Everyone knows the evil of child and bonded labour. Legislation also prohibits these. However, these laws are not properly implemented, so child labour is still in existence.