The influence of calculations in human life is clearly established by facts of history. Man used different kinds of machines and media for speedy calculations from very beginning of cultural development. Together with the progress of time, these media have also been subject to changes. As the ultimate product of these evolution’s, the great wonders of the modern world, the computer has come into existence.

Computers influence life in the present day is very much. Its capacity to store information for longer periods and to do difficult operation quickly is tremendous. The functions of the computer now range from solving complex mathematical problems of the study of space rocket technology. Computers have invaded every walk of human life like industry, education, entertainment, trade, commerce and communication. Computer is a machine that can choose copy, compare and perform many functions that are done by man. It is a fast and accurate, electronic, and store and process the data given to it, in order to give the results. Computers store information as the human brain does. Like the human brain, they manipulate, compare and come to decisions. While the human brain takes a long time to come to a conclusion, a computer arrives at conclusion within seconds.

Computers are used for several purposes. They are being used in all types of study. Railways, banks, scientific organizations, printing, space and satellite technology is using computers very extensively. Computers have revolutionized the process of production and research in many fields. They have provided immense opportunities of development in science, space technology and defence.

There are different types of computers like personal, small, large, and even super computers. They are also meant for different purpose. An astrological computer fed with the qualities and qualification of the boy and the girl would let us know within seconds whether the marriage would be successful or not. Some computers are capable of composing hundreds of pages of a book in a day. The accounts and business secrets of big industrialists and business firms are kept in computers. Many banks have installed super computers.  It would enable a customer to draw money from any of their branches in a city or region.

Computers have become an inevitable part of life today. They will lead to higher standards of living in future. Thus computer help modern man to organize his work properly and quickly. Man is still trying to find out newer and newer uses of computers in different areas. Truly the greatest gift of the 20th century to future generation is the computer.