DOWRY SYSTEM: Essay Topics

Essay on Dowry System in India

Every custom is initiated in the society by considering some good objects inherent in it. But some often a considerable span of time, the same custom degenerate’s in to an evil which is very difficult to get rid off. Over the years dowry system which initially represented parent’s gift both in cash and kind to their daughter proceeding to her new home. It has given sleepless nights to every such a man who is a father of a daughter of marriageable age. The sacred institution of marriage is reduced to a sort of business transaction. Nowadays not a single day passes without the news of the death of brides due to dowry demands as the story of tyranny indicated up on her. The custom of dowry has become a curse of our society.

Dowry system is a big blot on that Indian society. This is a demon in disguise which poisons the family in no time. It has failed many young women to leave their homes and even to commit suicide as their parents are unable to pay the dowry for their daughter’s marriage. Many social evils like discordant marriages, suicides, corruption, divorce etc are growing menacingly due to this evil. The dowry system also gives rise to corruption among parents of daughters like collecting money by unfair means .such as tax evation, black marketing, smuggling etc. to use the money as dowry. The present form of dowry system is so terrible that it has led to the emergence of evils like getting young girls in the prime of youth married with some old or middle aged or even uniform men. These social evils are shattering the fiber of the society on the on hand and making the family life quarrelsome on the other hand.

Girl’s superiority in education, beauty and modesty are weighed on the basis of dowry. Dowry brought by a girl is more weighed than her virtues. Dowry system is the biggest curse for the girl’s parents especially in a middle class family. The parents compelled to give them money to take the refuge of loans or by some unfair means.

Now the question is as to how to end this social leprosy. For this there is need a wide opened effort. To remove the social evil government has put forward dowry prohibition Act in 1961, but no use. It seems that law cannot produce any desiring result. The social evil needs a treatment on the social level. There is a need of spreading awareness among people against the stem. The social organization along with government agency should carry out intensive anti dowry propaganda. To combat the evil young generation come forward and resolve not give consent to such a dowry demanding marriages. Marriage should be performed in presence of an authority. Government should terminate the services of its employer who demand dowry. Intercaste marriage should be encouraged. Above all the girls should get educated which will definitely help in eradicating the evil by root.