DOWRY SYSTEM: Essay Writing


Dowry system has been prevalent in India since ages. In the Vedic age dowry was used as means for attracting a good boy. During epic age dowry too was in practice though its concept had by then changed. At that time dowry was not claimed as a matter of right but was given at the will of the parents. They gave dowry according to their will and their wealth. It was a kind of help given to newly married couple but now-a-days it has become an integral part of the marriage institution and is generally accepted as an evil by the society.

Many thinkers have tried to eradicate this system but all their efforts have gone in vain. This fashion of dowry has got to roof so much that today the birth of a female child is considered to be bad for the parents. It befalls like a punishment of many thousands of rupees on the parents to whom a female takes birth. Thus it is the female who has been becoming the victim of ill-conceived social customs of the society. It is poor section of the society which has to suffer the most.

The priests who had established these customs for their own benefit are the main cause. They thought themselves as the direct angles of God. Their command was so firm that even the kings feared to disobey them in the past. Thus dowry system which had its birth since times immemorial, presents a horrible picture of the Indian society.

This custom is the root cause of many other evils. Parents collected the money by fair and foul means to satisfy the greed of the bridegroom.

The poor do not find suitable match to marry their daughter for want of money. The unmarried daughter at home becomes headache to parents and cause of all worries. Many instances have come to light that poor girls usually commit suicide or if married in a greedy family are burnt alive in one way or another. When we hear of such news, tears roll down our cheeks. To prevent this, equality among men and women must be established and the guilty should be punished.

Dowry system is a big challenge to the youth of the country. It is they, who struggle against the evil. They have to rise above this evil system to eradicate it. It is not their parents who have to marry; it is they who have to marry. They should not marry on dowry conditions. Instead they should all unite to bring a revolutionary change in all kinds of bad customs in own society. But the girls too should realize their duty. They should prove themselves worthy of this noble gesture of the boy by their good nature, win the hearts in the “new” in the family and duly share their happiness and sorrow alike.