Excess of anything is bad and drug addiction makes one’s life hell. It is the direct gateway to death. The world ‘addiction’ implies to be habitual to something and it is generally used in a bad sense. Addiction to anything is bad but drug addiction is the worst of all. The modern scientific research has proved the harmful effects of regular use of a particular drug. It damages our digestive and nervous system. It breeds and invites death. Its continuous use is a slow poison, which kills the addict inch by inch. All our energy and vitality is sucked. The user becomes hollow. An addict loses his moral courage to face any critical situation. His heart becomes weak. He is not in peace until he gets his quota of drug. During addiction also leads to several other crimes like theft, drug-peddling etc. Addiction to smoking, wine, smack, hashish and heroine distracts everyone. We should avoid such narcotics to save precious life.