Radio and television have become an essential part of the daily routine of a man in the cities. The television transmitting towers are being built in every part of the country. Televisions are being supplied to every Panchayat in the country. The range of programmes has been increasing every day. There are good programmes for the farmers, women, young men and women, students and children. Thus all in the family are stuck to the tiny screen at some hour or the other. Naturally these programmes influence all too some extent.

The serials telecast on television have the greatest attraction for the people. They are on social themes. Some like ‘kakaji kahen’ had a political colouring. Ramayana and Mahabharata have been the most popular serials. People had so much interest in them that the markets looked deserted when they were telecast. It is rather good that people get interested in the life and style of their ancestors. They have a cultural, historical and religious value. The serial rendering of Nehru’s discovery of India too was good and falls in this category. For children Superman and Spiderman have been the most interesting.

With all those benefits reaped by the people there are two factors that go against these magic boxes. The one is that the television engages too much of the time of young students and children. Parents allow them to see serials so as to get rid of them. Thus their study hours are consumed by these pleasure providing gadgets. The second factor is the corrupt influence of the television ads. Most of the advertisements are on consumer goods, fashions, fast edibles and cosmetics. They create a craze for superficial cold drinks, harmful dishes and cosmetics and costly fashions. Some times when semi-naked girls are focused in ads they do not create a healthy influence on the young mind.

Radio, television and newspapers are the three media in the world of communication. Newspapers are in the private sector in India. Radio and television are controlled by the Central Government. Thus the central government projects itself as it wishes. The ruling party at the centre gains by it. The urban educated may go through the newspapers too and know the reality. But the ignorant rural masses fall a prey to the partisan image of the party ruling at the center. It is an injustice with the people and the opposition. In India too an autonomous body like B.B.C. should be formed to control these too.