I.Q and E.Q are of in discussion today. I.Q me and intelligence quotient and E.Q means emotional quotient. Intelligence quotient of a person is calculated based on his mental age and chronological age. This is the quantify of a person’s Intelligence. It is basically a ranking of competence of brain of a person. Tasks concerning recall, understanding, analyzing, reasoning and numerical ability, etc. help to find out the intelligence quotient. Those who do well in studies and academic pursuits are said to have improved intelligence quotient .Until, recently, it was through that success in carrier and life dependant much on intelligence quotient.

       In recent times, a novel concept called EQ has gained distinction. A modern psychologist, Grander has classified intelligence of person in to nine types, under the title multiple intelligence .Interpersonal intelligence and intrapersonal intelligent are notable among them. These two intelligences show the meaning of emotional Quotient. It is the rate of one’s emotional capacity to supervise ourselves and related to our fellow beings. Faith, self motivation self control perseverance in the face of frustration, being  in happy mood, able to think clearly even under distress ,empathize  and to have hopes, etc are the indication of the emotional quotient in the one person it is now be lived that EQ has greater role in ensuring success in a person’s carrier and life. A person with only low EQ, he cannot manage with adversities in life. He cannot survive. However, a person with high EQ can pull on bravely in life even if he is not a intelligent person. Think about the table of the proverbial here and tortoise. The hare had all ability to run fast and win the race. But he had no EQ. Therefore, he had failed to control overcome faience. It scorned the tortoise, slept and finally failed. The tortoise, on the other hand low IQ, but has strong EQ of such as determination, optimism, and belief in itself. Ultimately, it won. There for, EQ is important to face life.

       When we progress intellectually through studies and developing EQ to face life in a constructive and healthy manner, we have to develop a new quotient also, at is called Spiritual Quotient (SQ).