ENEMIES OF HUMANITY Essay Writing Topics

Humanity is the superb state of man in the society. The long history of man from the barbaric age to the present sophisticated society is a history of the suppression of evil wishes and actions. It is a long record of how man has developed an international outlook of brotherhood and has established a cultural society. In the distant past man thought of himself alone. He wanted his supremacy over others. It changed into a group consciousness. Again the individual consciousness was there. Both of these were opposed by others and there were wars. Barbarism again took hold of man. All those who waged wars have been the greatest enemies of humanity from the days of Rawan and Duryodhan to the present one of Hitler and Mussolini.

Krinvanto Vishwamaryam i.e. making all the people in the universe good has been the aim of the sages in India for thousands of years. They aimed at the development of humanity. The people should be kind to and sympathetic towards the needy. There should be peace and tranquility. There are the outward symbols of humanity. A number of politicians grew into dictators under the grab of an ideology. Stalin became a dictator under the grab of Communism. He and his cohorts in other Communist countries got a large number of people killed. All these were the greatest enemies of the humanity as were some of the great kings like Nero, Mohmud Ghazni, Mohammad Ghori etc. they all tried to bring barbarism back.

A large number of fundamentalists have mixed up religion or regional superiority with politics. They are never at ease. They have waged a proxy war in the Kashmir valley, a fully fledged war in Bosnia Herzegovina and Afghanistan. A continuous struggle in Assam and other North – Eastern states in Myanmar, in Sri Lanka and many countries in the continent of Africa. Violence is their cut. They are the worst enemies of humanity.

No lesser enemies are those who indulge in sexual activities. To satisfy their evil passion they indulge in rape, in drug trafficking and give the evil present of diseases like AIDS to the world. The Saudi Arabians marrying teen aged girls in Kerala and Hyderabad fall in this category. The spread of homosexuality in the whole world of Europe and U.S.A as also in African countries is responsible for this killing incurable disease. It has come over to India too. It may one day annihilate man from the surface of the earth. What or who can be a greater enemy of humanity than this evil passion of man.

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