Proverb Expansion


To achieve your goals and get success, you must believe and trust in yourself. Unless you belief and trust yourself, true success may not happen for you.

Most people fail in life because they don’t trust themselves. They have made many resolutions and set up many goals that failed and so become disappointed. They listen to the pessimistic opinions of their family members and friends. Stay away from negative people who enjoy telling you all the time why you’ll never succeed. Seek and associate with positive people who have the same ambitions in life like you do. Think about both sides of everything before doing it. Have big dreams. Let your imagination soar high to the blue sky. No matter what happens to you in life, don’t give up on yourself. Never give up on your dreams and aspirations. Some dreams may take a short time to become a reality while others may take a long time, but all the same they will come true someday, if you keep moving on.

One becomes what one dreams to be, only if one can be persistently diligent and determined. Self belief and self-efficacy are the two most basic elements for one to move forward in any spheres of life. All the great men of today had to face failures at some point of their lives, but they become great because they believed in themselves and did not let go their dreams even in the times of adversity.

Make yourself number one. Trust yourself. Listen to yourself. “Respect yourself. Think well of yourself. Think of what is good for you. Set up goals and resolutions. Then obtain all the necessary tools and resources to help you. Then take action. Read good books, watch good movies, and eat healthy food. Think right. Have network with the right people. Exchange ideas. Be alert and aware wherever you are. Rise up and shine. May long life, good health and success be yours.