English Proverbs- KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

Proverb Expansion 


There is a saying Sanskrit that a king is respected only in his kingdom. But a scholar is respected everywhere. In ancient times the saints, Rishis and Acharyas were not only respected by kings they also guided the kings in their administration. The Minister of a Kshatriya king was generally a Brahman who was well versed in all branches of knowledge—even warfare. Knowledge keeps man in a balanced state. In the absence of perfect knowledge even the strongest people may lose. The Kauravas were guided by Shakuni while Pandavas took Krishna as their mentor. Both were warriors. The result was Mahabharata — the first devastating war in the world.

Man is the only homosapien in the world. Only he can use his brain. Other animals can use only their physical strength. They cannot acquire knowledge. With his acquired knowledge man controls the most ferocious creatures like lions, elephants, snakes and whales. It is only he who knows the secrets of nature and uses the forces of nature. The physically strong animals are at the mercy of nature.

Among men too it is the scholar who runs the race of humanity not the illiterate. An illiterate person is close to animals and wants to solve his problems with physical strength. In the modem world only that country remains supreme which has great scientists. It is only the community of scholars which has produced nuclear energy, atom bomb, missiles, LASER Rays, radar, different types of weapons and aeroplanes. It is these ultra modem weapons that cause a victory in the war. To use them too one requires mental faculty not physical strength.

Moreover as J.M. Clark says “knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns”. The more you use it the more you acquire it. Physical strength perishes while knowledge continues increasing and has its sway at all times in all climes.