Proverb Expansion


Mere knowledge of a thing may not be useful. One has to practice it to have control over it. Perfection ‘can’ be achieved only through practice. We can see it in our studies every day. We may know a rule in Accountancy. But we can’t have perfection in the subject till we practice similar examples again and again. A mathematician may solve intricate problems. But he would take time in calculating the price of vegetables that he purchases. The green grocer who is an illiterate person would tell it immediately. He practices it the whole day for years together.

An automobile mechanic is generally uneducated. But he 1 earns his art through practice alone. Even an automobile Engineer is so match for a perfect mechanic. The person working on computer software, the typist, the steno-typist, the cook, the painter, and the artist all gain perfection through practice. Our teachers perfect the art of teaching as they have been practicing it for many years.

Practice is a natural phenomenon. The child learns a number of things through practice. It starts from letters, small words and within a year or two speaks fluently. But it practices strenuously. Very close to the child is the singer or the musician. He takes a number of years to gain perfection in music. The sportsman gains perfection by constant practice. Jesse Owfli got four gold medals in 1936 Olympic in Berlin. The record still stands. He practiced for hours together even when he earned his own livelihood Michael Chang the 17 years-old American Champion who won the title in lawn tennis at Grand Slam tournament in Paris on June 11, 1989 had put in long practice since his boyhood days. It was this practice that brought him success against Stefan Edberg in the final and Ronald Agenor Andrei Chesnokov and Ivan Lendl in other sets together with a cheque for $291, 752 in his pocket.