Proverb Expansion


The man who tells the same thing every day is considered a big bore by his companions. Spices add to the taste of food, so does variety in life. Young boys and girls get tired of dresses that they wear for a long time. They feel themselves conservative, the word that they hate the most. They want a change in the colour, design and style of clothes. The young girls and boys of china got bored with the khaki colour of their dress. They revolted and were allowed to wear multicoloured clothes. Youth came back to the city of Beijing.

Visit a children’s park in the evening. You find small children in hundreds of shades. They wear multicoloured dresses. This variety fills our hearts with joy and pleasure. Enter a roadside restaurant. You get only a few dishes-idly, dosha, sambar the things that you take every day at home. You like to have some North Indian or Bengali dishes. The big restaurant at the street corner suits you the most for it serves you dozens of dishes. Don’t get bored. Have variety.

We are tempted to see pictures. It is not because we like the idea they project. It is the variety of scenes that we like. It is for the variety of characters that we go to the theatre. It is the variety of dresses that the hero, heroine and other characters wear that attracts us. The commercial movie is full of spice. A dance here, a song there, a disco in between, dialogues full of wit and humour, a girl as police commissioner, a mafia as convict, and the scenes are so varied that they absorb us. We feel a rapport with them. We rather identify ourselves with the different characters. In our real life we may not do what they do. But in our land of fancy we are enamoured by the variety we see in a couple of hours. It keeps us young. Sometimes it makes the old young.

Have a change in your fashions, in your studies, in your food, in your boy and girl friends, in the style of your drawing room and in your ideas too and you will feel yourselves young.