Proverb Expansion


According to the natural laws every action has equal and opposite reaction. If we plant a sapling of rose or mango we shall have rose and mango.  But if we plant cactus we shall have the thorny cactus. It is equally true in the life of an individual or a nation. If a student studies hard in his early life he builds a good career for himself in his youth. Those who neglect studies are not able to secure good jobs. Some turn mafias too and risk their lives.

In the society there is a general notion that we cannot make progress without corrupt practices. Parents, teachers, professionals, bureaucrats, political leaders all practice immoral ways of life. They place the example of corrupt life before the young ones. It is strange that they expect their children ideal young men and women. They forget that they have sown the seeds of an immoral society. They will have, and they have a corrupt society in which idealism has been discarded.

The national life is also affected by our actions. In 1946-47 we accepted the partition of the country on communal basis. The seeds of communal disharmony were sown. Millions of people were killed beyond the line of partition. Millions moved from one side to the other. With this beginning we cannot have communal harmony in the country. The bloodshed and riots continue. No minority commissions or government propaganda can check them. We are reaping the harvest of disharmony.

In 1984, after the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi there was a calculated propaganda against the Sikhs. It resulted in cruel murder of6000 Sikhs. A seed was already sown in bringing Bhindranwala to the Golden temple to divide Sikhs. It resulted in Action Blue Star. 1984 killings were followed by Action Black Thunder. The result is that the relatives and sympathizers of 10,000 Sikhs killed in these actions have gone mad. We call them terrorists and kill them. Seeds of killing would grow trees with sour fruits of terror and death. The seeds of peace and kindness sown by Mahavir and Buddha still bear fruits of peace in the world.