Proverb Expansion


Moss, that green plant sticks to stones and covers still water in damp climate. It may not be a useful thing. But it sticks and symbolizes addition to anything that does not shift from place to place. A stone that moves has no moss. A man who changes his stand and plans every now and then does not gain any useful position, does not earn and does not establish a social status. Shifting sands move here and there with even a small gush of wind. A man who lacks determination does not stick to anything. He loiters in the world aimlessly. By the time he is at home in one situation he is dissatisfied with conditions around him. With a sudden gush of passion he moves from the place or profession. In the new situation he is a new comer. It takes time to establish oneself.

A student, who aims at a job or profession after his education and makes sincere efforts to get it, secures it. But another who moves from profession to profession or job to job is nowhere. An M.B.B.S. has to decide his later career and has to stick to it. But if one day he starts a clinic, the other day joins a house job, after some days he wants to be a pathologist and by the time he reaches 30 he decides to join P.M.S. It being the last chance because of age factor he may be in wildernesses in the prime of his youth. He may be an unwanted guest in his own family-even alienate his own wife.

If the executive head of a country does not stick to his team of Ministers or Secretaries and shifts them thrice a year he may lose the ground under his feet. A country changing its stand and policy in the world politics or vis-a-vis the neighbouring countries or the power blocs may antagonize the whole world. The same is true about a political party that changes its moves every now and then. A political leader who shifts from party to party loses confidence everywhere.

The times are such and the employment market is so competitive and tough that a new graduate, undergraduate or postgraduate tries a large number of avenues. His efforts are so diversified that he does not get success anywhere. Let him stick to one goal and make efforts in one direction only. If the efforts are constant and concentrated he would secure success.