Proverb Expansion


‘Prevention is better than cure’ is an old saying. Most of our diseases are because of malnutrition. A very large number of people, now a day, suffer from cardiac trouble. It generally originates from high blood pressure. It is not an infectious disease that we catch from others, nor is it a viral disease. The cause is that we do not take care of our body. We take spicy rich food and do not do any physical work. All the butter that we consume is deposited in arteries. The circulation of blood is affected as the passage becomes narrow. Poor heart has to work more. It may succumb to pressure one day. One should rather take precaution to avoid very rich diet. It would prevent heart trouble.

Fried food created problems for the intestines, liver and kidneys. When these parts are affected we spend a lot on medicines. Sometimes these medicines have side effects. Then we take other medicines to cure our side effects. This vicious circle continues throughout our life. If we stop taking chilies, too much spices, fried dishes and those things that we cannot digest, the system would remain intact. We would not require any medicines,

Throat cancer is a result of too much use of tobacco. Asthma is caused by smoking. Too much consumption of carbohydrates may result in diabetes. Too much exertion and unhealthy diet result in tuberculosis. Once you are caught in the fangs of these devil diseases you have to spend too much. The inconvenience sometimes, is so great that one cannot work. It may result in early death or prolonged illness. If we practice prevention and avoid the things that harm us we do not fall a prey to them, Cure is not required.

The phase applies to other aspects of our life too. There are communal riots, political enmity, and social disparities resulting even in murders. Jealousy may result in wars at international level. To remedy all these much of our energy is wasted. These can be prevented if we have better understanding and more of tolerance. Thus prevention is better than cure in all aspects of personal, national and international fields.