Proverb Expansion


 The old fable wherein the tortoise won the race even when it could not run like the hare has grown rather stale yet the truth it depicts remains. Some people are full of enthusiasm at a particular moment. Their actions are full of vigour and speed. Still they do not achieve their goal as they do not remain constant in their efforts. As soon as their sudden enthusiasm cools down they sleep—slumber like the hare. Howsoever intelligent a student may be, he does not shine if his efforts and studies do not take the shape of an ever flowing stream. Many a time a normal chap beats his friends by pursuing his studies constantly and consistently. It may be slow but not jerky.

Life is like a marathon race. The journey is long and the competitions are numerous. The participant who gains speed since the very beginning gets tired soon and breathes heavily. His effort to gain speed again fails. A person, who starts with a normal speed, remains constant and gains momentum gradually crosses the line like a storm.

One has to face many problems when he starts a business. It takes time to have contacts and to maintain them. The gestation period sometimes is long. A desire or craze for early gains may turn the apple cart. The gains are always there for one who is consistent and patient in his efforts.

So is it about the growth and progress of a nation. A sudden unbalanced decision taken in a hurry may bring chaos. One such action gives rise to a chain of actions detrimental to the nation. The hurried acceptance of partition undid all that the nation had gained during the constant struggle for independence. The leaders lost patience and the coming generations have to face the aftermath.