English Proverbs – A bad Workman quarrels with his tools

Proverb Expansion

Tools help to improve the quality of the work; therefore they are necessary for the work to be done. But it is important how they are used and who use them. A good workman is known by his efficiency. His efficiency lies in handling the tools. He is talented, skilled and confident of success in his work. He knows how to put the tools to proper use and he does not blame them. A bad workman does not know how to make proper use of his tools. He does not have the skill of handling the tools and so he quarrels with them. As a result, the quality of his work will be low. He does not admit his own lack of skill and talent. This is common among people. Many people will try to put the blame on others for their own faults. They never admit their faults. If a student does not get pass mark in the examination, he will put the blame on his teacher. If a cricket player does not get sufficient runs, he will say that it is the defect of the bat or the ground. If a team fails in a match, the members of the team will say that the referee was partial. Thus, any workman who quarrels with his tools is a bad workman. On the other hand, a good workman will repair his tools if they don’t work well. He never finds fault with his tools. In short, a man who admits his faults and limitations can overcome them easily and he will succeed in life.

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English Proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – A bad Workman quarrels with his tools

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