English Proverbs – A burnt child dreads the fire

Proverb Expansion

The proverb tells us that experience is the best teacher. We tell a child that fire is dangerous and not to touch it. Sometimes the child may not understand it properly. So it may touch the fire and get burnt. It gets an experience from its deed and it will be very careful with fire later on. The lesson that we learn from a bitter experience is never forgotten. We learn many things from our lives. These experiences are more effective than the knowledge that we gain from reading books. We never forget the things that we have learned ourselves. We commit many mistakes in our lives. The experiences that we have gained from our mistakes will help us to avoid them in future. We will be very careful not to repeat the same mistake. An experience is a sort of warning and we will surely learn from it.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Wise Sayings – A burnt child dreads the fire

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