English Proverbs – A drowning man catches a straw

Proverb Expansion

A person who is in a critical situation will try to save himself by taking the support of any feeble and frail thing. A man who is on the verge of going to ruins finds even a little help to be of immense use just as a drowning man seeks the support of a straw. A straw is very feeble and it cannot bear the weight of a man. But a person who has fallen into a deep river and is drowning will desperately catch a floating straw. He will not think then that he is doing a silly thing. He thought then will be to clutch at anything that will seem to save him. A little help from outside enables a man afflicted with misery to come out victorious. A person faced with a serious problem will grab at any opportunity in the hope of solving it. He doesn’t then think whether it is a big chance or a small one. Nothing in this world is insignificant. An apparently worthless thing may turn out to be the most helping factor to a man. What appears to us useless and petty may prove to be a saving factor. We tend to regard some people as silly and some small things as useless and insignificant so long as we have power and wealth and human support. But, when once all these disappear and we are faced with ruin, these very significant people and things which we have earlier despised prove to be decisive factors in our existence.

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English proverbs – Best Quotes – Sayings – A drowning man catches a straw

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