English Proverbs – A little learning is a dangerous thing

Proverb Expansion

The proverb warns us against people who have half knowledge of things, but pretend that they are very wise and are the masters of their subjects. We acquire knowledge all our lives. But we have to perfect whatever we gather as knowledge. We have to make our knowledge up to date. We must also remember that we know is only very little compared to what we do not know. Our knowledge should not be allowed to make us proud and haughty. We should not put into practice our knowledge will we know that it is complete and correct. Imperfect knowledge of any matter is undesirable. A little knowledge misleads a person and often proves disastrous. It gives him the false notion that he knows everything. This may lead him to false conclusions. A doctor without proper knowledge is dangerous to patients. Such a doctor’s wrong diagnosis and wrong prescription can take the lives of his innocent patients. A doctor’s assistant who is familiar with certain medical treatments will prove to be dangerous if he begins to prescribe medicines and operate on patients. A radio or an automobile mechanic having only an elementary knowledge of his work may spoil the machinery while repairing it. Similarly, a man with a little knowledge of law may involve himself or another person in serious trouble as a result of his ignorance. Imperfect knowledge will prevent us from doing the right thing. So a little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing.

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