Proverb Expansion


Man is himself responsible for the problems that he creates for his family or for himself. The problems must be sorted out as soon as they start. If the child starts feeling inferiority complex he must be dealt with at an early stage or his career would be doomed. A wall must be repaired as soon as a crack is seen or the whole building would fall. A business should be managed well as soon as there are the losses being or the firm would fail. Repair the hole in the boat when it just starts or the boat would sink. Stitch your Saree or the Shirt as soon as it is torn a little otherwise you will have to stitch it again and again or even may have to throw it away.

A small gap in a dam in Gujarat was not repaired. It resulted in the bursting of the dam. A water sheet 20 ft. high ran across the villages and thousands of people were dead in Morvi a beautiful city within three minutes. There may be a wrong planning. It must be checked at the initial stage or it would fail and harm the interests of the nation.

Little aberrations in the posting of an army must be immediately remedied or the country may face a defeat. So is true about diseases. If cancer glands are operated and culled out as soon as they develop a man may be saved from the gaping mouth of death. So is true about tuberculosis and other malevolent diseases. Infections and viral attacks must be check at an early stage. A little of cough in the beginning may result in chronic Asthma at a later stage. All ailments may become serious if they are not checked in the beginning.

A moral lapse in childhood may ruin the whole life of a man. So is true about those who lead the nation. If they have moral weakness they should be removed or the whole nation would face humiliation at a later stage.